My absolute favorite thing to do is help people grow. 

We are all designed to grow, and yet, so much works against us to actually do it. We want to create and get better, but we get tired and discouraged and we hit obstacles that seem insurmountable. If we surround ourselves with people who can cheer us on and point us in better directions when we need it, we can grow beyond anything we thought possible. Consider me one of your cheerleaders.


Advising Roles


I advise early stage companies through accelerator programs to fast track their growth. Together, we focus on areas like their business models, marketing strategies and fundraising efforts. I also provide feedback on investment pitches.

Organizations I’ve worked with:

  • QCFintech

  • LaunchPad2X

  • PitchBreakfast

I can’t recommend Angel enough as a startup advisor. Having co-founded and scaled a profitable company with over 100 million users on the site a year, she understands where founders are coming from and is able to ask challenging questions, offer practical advice and be the encouraging support that founders need.
— Haley Bohon - CEO - SkillPop

Board Roles

Currently Serving:

  • Lumaverse Technologies

  • Charlotte Angel Fund

  • Bundle Loans

  • BoxMagic

For a limited number of organizations that I believe I can offer special expertise to on an ongoing basis, I take an advisory board or board of directors role. Typically, I provide input on business strategy, marketing, culture, and scaling operations.

Angel combines a brilliant mind with years of startup experience. She is so good at asking me the right questions to get me thinking - how can I do this better, how can I steer my business more efficiently, what are the next steps I need to take to be successful?
— Kyle Hepp - CEO - BoxMagic

Advising Hours

Once a month, I offer a handful of free 30 minute advising sessions at a startup friendly co-working space in Charlotte called Packard Place. It’s a great one-time opportunity for founders to ask for input on any part of growing a business they need help with like the best go-to market strategy, pitching to investors, customer discovery, mapping out development, or hiring great talent. For founders who are in need of more one-on-one advising, I offer a limited amount of consulting hours. Please contact me for rates.

Angel is pure goodness and comes to each interaction with a thoughtful approach and an ability to listen and ask questions in a way that expands my thinking exponentially and betters our chance of success as a business. Angel brings her lessons learned and successes to her coaching while maintaining an admirable level of humility...
— Caitlin Iseler, Founder of Happy Active Family